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Lindsay Eddy


Welcome! My name is Lindsay Eddy. I am a mother of three beautiful children with one of them being a baseball player and enthusiast. We have lived in multiple countries, traveled the world and now our days consist of baseball games and baseball practice.

Let me share with you the motivation behind Homerun Mama. No one likes watching their kid struggle on the baseball field! The agonizing pain when your baseball player strikes out or misses a play is real! However, the joy and excitement of watching your child hit a homerun and sliding into home plate is glorious!

My mission here at HomerunMama.com is to bring awareness and provide a more in-depth look at everything about baseball. This includes issues to overcome, news, product reviews, baseball equipment and more!

Crosby Eddy

Crosby Eddy


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Baseball Players

If you are a baseball player, parent of a player or fan, our website is for you! Together with the industry experts, Homerun Mama's team strive to provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate and valid information on your favorite sport.

We made it possible for for our users to make more educated buying decisions through our comprehensive consumer guides, find reputable local vendors, gain knowledge to evolve and learn, participate in giveaway contests and much more!

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Homerun Mama is here to provide you with up-to-date information about anything related to baseball so you can always be in the know, regardless whether you are a baseball player, parent or fan.

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We are committed to providing comprehensive buyer comparison guides educating consumers about baseball bats, gloves, gear, equipment, accessories and other baseball products on the market.

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When you're looking for an unbiased review of a particular baseball bat, gear or accessories, you can trust in-depth product reviews produced by either Homerun Mama's in-house or external baseball experts.

With industry's largest and most comprehensive online business directory, HomerunMama.com makes it simple for you to find reputable local baseball businesses anywhere in the United States.

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